FunctionalDX was founded in 2015 when founder-director Jonathan Cohen had a powerful vision, to provide UK healthcare professionals with the most advanced tools to uncover clients’ hidden health dysfunctions. In conjunction with Dr. Dicken Weatherby, they established Functional Diagnostix and introduced FDX blood reporting analysis, a cutting-edge blood reporting and analysis tool to reduce time inefficiencies and increase client satisfaction.


At FDX, we believe that the first clinical testing assessment should begin with an FDX comprehensive assessment of a client’s health. We have established the maxim that “blood does not lie” as a truth that our professional users have found to be true time and time again.

This establishes the groundwork for programs for their patients, and when their patient is presented with a report that has the power, meaning, and visual impact presented by an FDX report, they have the tool to establish patient compliance and a roadmap back to health.


As far back as 2008, founder Jonathan Cohen identified the paucity of intelligent health reporting in the UK marketplace. The range of blood testing biomarkers offered by providers as panels to make effective clinical assessments in the mainstream NHS and private health care facilities was not only lacking in range and diversity, but the costs were also prohibitively expensive. Inspired by Dr Weatherby’s work on the concept and practice of Functional Blood Chemistry analysis, and with the evolution of Dr Weatherby’s algorithms from hand calculated data to computer-driven algorithms, meant that the vision of offering detailed health reporting became a reality. Once he was able to provide the most cost-effective range of biomarker panels available to be used to create the reports, FunctionalDX was able to provide the best and most affordable blood test panels and health reports available anywhere in Europe. Whilst client symptoms do not always reveal the full story, FunctionalDX testing can.

Our Founder

With over 30 years of clinical experience, founder Jonathan Cohen brings his expertise and vision to revolutionise the blood testing, reporting, and chemistry analysis arena in the UK. Through introducing FunctionalDX health reporting, the previously hidden health trends lost in conventional parameters of clinical healthy ranges are now visible. Identifying these health trends, gave Jonathan and other professionals the opportunity to stop patients from sliding into the abyss of the conventional pharmacological based treatment approach and presented opportunities to turn patients around back towards a state of optimal health.

“Together, we’re using technology to lay the cornerstone for a healthier world”

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With over 30 years of clinical experience, I can state with confidence that the one test that I have found to be the most valuable in the assessment of a patient’s state of health is blood analysis. At FDX, we have found the saying “blood does not lie” to be true time and time again.

Of course, blood testing is the primary, or go-to test, run by the medical profession and is used by them to identify health dysfunction. The issue I found was that patients who were complaining of being or feeling sick were told time and time again that everything was fine, and they had nothing to worry about.

This highlighted to 4 areas that needed addressing:

  • Available biomarkers. There was a lack of available biomarkers that could be used to address the state of functionality of the body systems and organs. A standard test received from a GP measured very little and as such, states very little about what goes on “under the hood”. Whilst the tests from private laboratories produced much larger panel sizes, they presented a further range of barriers for the majority of clients.
  • Affordability. At the time, the costs of private testing were prohibitive. Creating a series of panels and being able to offer these at the lowest possible pricing was essential.
  • Clinical ranges. The ranges that we used to identify functionality were too narrow. Whilst these ranges are perfectly good for identifying the need for clinical intervention, I found were not optimum for dealing with subclinical issues.
  • Interpretation of data. When received in a conventional linear or long list fashion, correlating biomarkers together involved a considerable investment of time and effort and required comprehensive knowledge on the part of the practitioner.

To fill the void in the testing world in the UK and Europe, I established FunctionalDx with Dr. Dicken Weatherby in 2015. By combining Dr Weatherby’s  proprietary algorithms along with a cost-effective and large range of biomarkers, FDX was able to offer the most comprehensive and advanced blood chemistry panels and functional health reports.

Our product was a revolutionary offering for health professionals in the UK. From our early stages of offering 2 to 3 substantial panels, FDX has evolved to offer a range of over 20 specialist panels. Our extensive panel size covers general health assessment, fertility, cardio risk, cognitive function, and lifestyle testing including workplace performance and weight management amongst many others.

FunctionalDx reports on the status of 13 body systems, seven accessory systems, seven macronutrient systems, over 40 nutrient deficiencies, assesses over 40 clinical dysfunctions, and so much more. We use between 65 and 115 biomarkers per panel and provide practitioners with reports for both their professional use and for their patients. Each professional report consists of over 18 individual reports collated together to make 1 larger report of up to 100 pages in length.

FDX was not created by lab technicians but by us as clinicians for our fellow clinicians and as such, we recognise that time is of the essence and rather than creating reports that involved scrolling and searching we created interactive hyperlinked PDFs. Getting lost or forgetting where one was in a long document, was now consigned to the ark. Instead, our intuitive hyperlinking allows both practitioners and patients to get the most from their report.

It is with great pride that I can state that FunctionalDx testing takes the hardship out of blood chemistry analysis and enables the professional user to be a blood chemistry expert, clinically proficient in the assessment of their client’s state of being.



Francesca Mastrojanni

Francesca is extremely passionate about health and about maximising the human body’s remarkable potential for self healing from the inside out, using food, lifestyle and targeted nutrients. She is fully registered with the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT) and with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) and is in the process of completing her Functional Medicine Practitioner Qualification (IFMCP).

Francesca currently runs an online clinic where she supports clients with a range of conditions using a Functional Medicine approach. Francesca is passionate about furthering her own knowledge and education on an ongoing basis in line with an evidence-based approach. She is also a certified HeartMath coach which she combines with nutritional and lifestyle intervention to support the health of her clients.

Francesca provides a wealth of knowledge to the FunctionalDX team and its practitioners. You will find her supporting practitioners to interpret FDX test results in the context of their specific clients on support calls. She also leads in developing educational events and programs, for practitioners and students alike as well as inspiring our team of interns.


Dr Indra Barathan

Dr Indra Barathan graduated from Charing Cross and Westminster Medical School in 1997 and worked as an NHS GP until 2015 when she opened her specialist functional medical practice to provide personalised functional medicine consultations. Indra now has practices in Leeds and Manchester and a multi-disciplinary team comprising doctors, health coaches and a nutritional therapist.

Indra’s passion is helping her patients learn how they have got to where they have got to and what they can do to help themselves shift towards vitality. She loves supporting patients with complex medical needs, hormonal problems and gut issues.


We promise to support the work of our healthcare professionals through our vision, services, and health reports. We continuously endeavour to establish new biomarkers for the reports to add weight and meaning, maintain a cost-effective approach, and involve the healthcare professional as part of the reporting style and structure.

We continuously endeavour to ensure our reports are the finest that Functional Medicine can offer, and the blood biomarker panels offered are substantial. We report on all aspects of body system health. We have created a look and style that has been evolved with the professional in mind so your identity, your picture or clinic logo, can be a part of the report.

We have evolved our reports from a standard medical style to a contemporary interactive pdf format which is user friendly for both practitioner and client. This allows for easy navigation of the report information, seamlessly moving from section or item to item with no scrolling or fuss, saving time and effort. Each FDX report consists of 12 individual reports and is up to 100 pages long providing you and your clients with the most comprehensive health reporting on the market today.