FDX is an advanced blood chemistry blood testing and health reporting system that can only be ordered via a registered health practitioner.

What is the difference between a test from my doctor and a FunctionalDX blood test?

Blood tests are an essential part of medicine, yet how many times have you been told by your doctor that your test results are ‘normal’ despite you feeling out of sorts?

Routine blood tests are generally carried out to look for problems, so if your blood chemistry results fall within ‘normal’ ranges you might not get any further in finding out what could be causing your symptoms.

The blood tests carried out by FunctionalDX differ from the traditional blood tests that your doctor might have referred you for in the past. Rather than using traditional reference ranges, FunctionalDX uses ‘functional’ ranges- which are often narrower and determine optimal values for health and wellbeing with the aim of preventing disease, or improving your symptoms if you have already been diagnosed.

This advanced form of testing can help to identify any hidden health trends at the time you start to feel unwell, often before you receive a diagnosis from a standard blood test. Rather than just searching for abnormal lab results, the FunctionalDX software uses its unique and powerful algorithms to assess over 80 different blood markers which reveal areas of functional deficiencies (or wellness) in all of the main systems of the body; from hormone function to immunity, heart health to bone health.

This helps to provide a clear and comprehensive understanding of your current health state and can pinpoint the likely root causes of your symptoms before they progress into a diagnosable condition. With this information, the relevant diet and lifestyle changes can be implemented as a preventative measure and get you feeling fit and well again.

The Functional Health Report uses highly sophisticated software to translate your blood results into clinically useful information. Any potential health and disease trends are identified, as well as your nutritional and immunity status. Our consultation will use this information in your Health Improvement Plan to discuss and tailor a bespoke diet and lifestyle plan, specific to your individual needs.

Your results will empower you to preventatively restore optimal health and well-being.

As a member of the public can I order directly?

FunctionalDX does not sell directly to the public. You will need to ask your health practitioner to register with us directly.

How do I pay?

This is a matter between you and your practitioner, please contact them for details

I'm having an FunctionalDX panel done, where can I get my blood drawn?

You can find a local blood draw location here.

You can have your blood sample drawn at any location you choose.

FDX Professional tests require a blood draw with centrifuge to keep the blood sample stable, so the blood draw centre must have a centrifuge. This is a device used to spin the blood sample. instructions for the FDX Professional tests can be found here.

FDX Essential tests require a blood draw only. Please see the instructions here.

Please note that FunctionalDX has no relationship with any of the suggested blood draw providers and has no control over the service quality and we do not take any responsibility for any loss consequential or otherwise, damage, or injury.

FDX index tests are an at home finger prick test. Please see the instructions here.

What are the requirements before doing for the test?

  • The instructions are supplied in the kit box as well as on the confirmation email
  • They are available here; FDX Professional, FDX Essential, FDX Index
  • These include the following
    • We recommend a fasting test (12 hours)
    • Please continue to drink water, or results will be skewed, fasting does NOT mean no water
    • No supplements unless otherwise requested by the practitioner or your medical professional for 24 to 48 hours beforehand
    • Medications should not be stopped unless health care provider instructions say otherwise.

What information do I need to supply to my practitioner to get the test?

Only your practitioner can order the test for you and will need the following information

  • Your full name this must be the same name to be used on the blood tube
  • Your date of birth
  • Your gender
  • Your address
  • Your email
  • Your telephone number

I am a female looking to accurately assess hormone levels, do I need to take the test on a specific day?

What are the best dates of the menstrual cycle for a blood draw?

Our blood science algorithm reports on optimal status, with accuracy best achieved during a mid-luteal phase of the menstrual cycle. At this stage we would typically expect to see the peak of Progesterone and rises in Oestrogen. The mid-Luteal phase is days 21-23 of a 28 day cycle. You will need to calculate accordingly if your client’s cycles are shorter or longer.

What if my cycle is erratic?

If you have been tracking your cycle for some time you can use this data as a best estimate of their mid-luteal phase.

If your periods have begun to change in the last few menstrual cycles, we suggest going by your typical pattern to estimate the mid-luteal phase.

I have calculated my mid-luteal phase and this falls on a Friday or over the weekend. Which day is best for blood draw?

If your blood draw date falls on a Friday, you can use a next day special delivery to return to the lab on a Saturday morning. However, this is not always guaranteed. If the return sample does not get to the lab, you will need to pay for a new blood test kit and a redo of the blood draw. FunctionalDX are not responsible for Royal Mail or courier returns to the lab.

It would be day 26/27 before I can take the test. How important is it that the test is performed on day 21?

For optimal female hormone testing we do advise that a blood test taken during the mid-luteal phase is best due to the peaking of progesterone and rises in oestrogen, and this activity should be reflected within the results. We would suggest that you wait until the next cycle to take the bloods.

What if my blood draw would be best on a Saturday and Sunday?

Review your cycle length and decide if a Friday draw with next day special delivery would be best, or a Monday blood draw. Aiming for a blood draw on day 21-23, means one day should fall on a weekday. We will support you when reviewing the test results if the blood draw date hasn’t been the ideal date.

What are the best dates of the cycle for a blood draw if I am taking contraception? 

When taking contraception you can test on any day of the cycle but take into account that the algorithm will calculate for an optimal mid-luteal phase. A contraceptive period is not the same as a regular period, and there for you will need to take this into account when interpreting the result.

I am peri-menopausal, when should I take the test?

We recommend calculating for a mid-luteal draw, days 21-23 of a 28 day cycle and calculate accordingly, even if your cycles have started to change or become more erratic.

What day do I test if I am post menopausal?

You can take the test on any day.

Please always tell your practitioner the day of your cycle when receiving the results, so they can provide accurate assessment of the results.

What happens after I order a test through my practitioner?

  • After ordering a test kit will be sent to the address provided.
  • Once you receive the test kit, please read the instructions carefully.
  • If you require a blood draw, please arrange this. You can use the blood draw locator to help you.
  • After the draw, please return your blood sample to the correct address.
  • You will be contacted by your practitioner when your results are ready.

I have ordered an FunctionalDX Professional Test what do I do now?

These tests require a blood draw and centrifuge to keep the blood sample stable, so the blood draw centre must have a centrifuge. This is a device used to spin the blood sample. instructions for the FDX Professional tests can be found here.

I have ordered a FunctionalDX Essential Test, what do I do now?

This test requires a blood draw only. Please see the instructions here.

I have ordered a FunctionalDX Index Finger Prick test what do I do now?

These tests are an at home finger prick test. Please see the instructions here.

I have ordered a Omega 6:3 Fatty Acid test what do I do now?

This tests are an at home finger prick test. Please see the instructions here.

Where do I send my test?

All shipping instructions are available in your kit box. Please read the instructions on it.

If your draw centre does not have a prior arrangement for a courier collection arranged through FunctionalDX, then the returned kits need to be taken to a post office and returned using the labels provided.

  • Full client and phlebotomist instructions can be found here:
  • Copies are included with the kit please ensure they are followed by both parties.
  • FDX does not take responsibility for any errors or misconceptions
  • Blood draw is through Venipuncture through qualified phlebotomists or venipuncturist.
  • The cost of the draw and spin (centrifuge), if required, is payable directly to the draw centre and is not included in the cost of the FDX report and panel.
  • Blood should be drawn, and tubes filled in a specific order (see the phlebotomy instructions).
  • Blood volume drawn is around 40mls
  • Blood samples for FDX Professional tests MUST be centrifuged (see instructions), for more information on centrifuging see here.
  • On completion of the test it is essential for the Patient Request Form to be returned in the completed blood draw kit. Failure to return this will cause £30 admin fee to be levied.
  • If the blood draw centre has no prior arrangements in place with FDX for courier collection then the completed kit must be closed and labelled as per the instruction included (also see here) and taken to a post office for return using the enclosed label.
  • It is the responsibility of the returning party to ensure the opening hours and facilities of their post office. * FDX takes no responsibility for courier delays or issues and any consequential loss.
  • Should the client wish to be covered against such instances that cause the draw to be invalidated then we advise they purchase a Royal Mail special delivery service at their local post office for a  9am or by 12pm delivery the next day and they can ensure they are covered for any losses directly with the post office.
  • Note: please check with FunctionalDX and your practitioner if there are restrictions in place due to known service outages or health issues e.g. Covid-19 

Does my test expire?

You have 90-days from order date to complete your test and return your blood sample for analysis. After 90 days the test expires and cannot be utilised. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.

Can I get a refund on my test?

Please refer back to your practitioner regarding any changes or refunds as FunctionalDX do not deal with any refunds.

Please note there is a 90-day limit on getting a blood test completed before the test becomes void.

Please see our terms and conditions for more information.

I live outside the UK, am I able to get FunctionalDX blood test?

Yes, but you will need to arrange for a venous blood draw and centrifuge “spin” in your country.

There are cost of shipping blood kits to you and the courier fees back again.

Please be aware that not all countries allow blood samples to be shipped by air. Please double check with your practitioner and export system.