Men often find it difficult to talk about their health, but as they age prostate health, sexual health and midlife weight gain demand increasing attention in terms of supporting long term overall health and vitality. In this guest blog post from FDX Practitioner Christine Bailey, you’ll discover how to support your clients more effectively with male health concerns.

What is the Male Menopause?

The Male Menopause or Andropause can have a significant effect on men. As they reach their 40s, many of your male clients will start noticing physical and emotional changes.

Often linked to a gradual decline in testosterone and changes in other hormones, men may notice abdominal fat taking the place of formerly hard muscle, even with regular physical exercise. Sleep often becomes disrupted, with more nocturnal visits to the bathroom.

Many of the changes your male clients may be experiencing, including low libido, erectile dysfunction, reduction in muscle mass and strength, decline in bone health, increased risk of benign prostatic hypertrophy, along with fatigue and depression, are associated with the Male Menopause and can have a profound effect on your clients’ emotional and physical health.

Support your clients with their concerns

FDX Man Reset gives you a comprehensive insight into the intricate interplay of the body systems and their implications on your clients’ optimal health. Revealing patterns of dysfunction which may indicate and influence your client’s health progression and trajectory as they age.

The importance of male hormones

Previously only thought to affect older men, as practitioners we are seeing that low testosterone is increasingly an issue for younger clients. The solution is not necessarily hormone replacement but looking to the root causes. Underpinning much of the associated body system imbalances are diet, lifestyle and environmental factors.

Chronic stress, poor quality sleep – particularly over a long period of time – can have a profound effect on testosterone production, for example. Exposure to endocrine disrupters, blood sugar imbalances, insulin resistance, abdominal fat, poor digestion and compromised detoxification systems all impact the symphony of our hormones.

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This webinar featuring guest expert Christine Bailey looks at how taking a body system approach can support men’s health with age. We discussed the interplay between hormones, nutrients, toxins and how FunctionalDX blood and health reporting is an invaluable tool for addressing the underlying imbalances.

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FDX Practitioner Christine Bailey

Christine Bailey is an experienced nutritionist, lecturer and author of over 16 health and recipe books.

With a keen interest in female hormones as well as running a number of successful hormone programmes with clients and practitioners, Christine has a wealth of experience in supporting clients’ with their hormone health.