Simple, non-centrifuged panels that pack a punch with data insights from FunctionalDX.

FunctionalDX Essential range brings you a lite version of our renowned broad spectrum biomarker panels without the need for centrifuging. Designed for clients with smaller budgets or without access to centrifuge. These panels are created from handpicked biomarkers which are more stable during transportation back to our laboratories.

The Essentials range offers a basic overview to begin clinical investigations and utilises our advanced interpretation and optimal ranges for accurate results you can trust. The range provides panels for thyroid health, female or male health and hormones.

These entry level panels provide our FunctionalDX cutting edge reporting and analysis using up to 74 key clinically relevant biomarkers. Each panel also contains an assessment of sugar management, lipids, inflammation, kidney and liver function, baseline vitamin and mineral needs.

Key information:

You will receive one report for both practitioner and client. This is a lighter version of the full FDX Professional report that uses our functional ranges and comprehensive analysis.
Essential reports can be compared with another Essential report, to track client and protocol progression.
Selected add-ons are available for the Femme and Man Essential products.
You cannot add on any post test add-on or upgrades after the test has been run.
Support calls are 30 mins for first Essential test and 15 mins thereafter, additional interpretation time can be purchased.

Available Tests