With female health dysfunction on the rise, it has never been a more crucial time to be able to take action to manage and achieve your optimum health.

Female health dysfunction may begin at any time and can develop suddenly or gradually. Though health issues are common to both genders, they can affect females differently. At FDX, we believe in building a healthier future, by providing you with the best tools for identification.

It is no secret that we are living in a more toxic world, which is reflected in the increase in health-related issues. Chronic diseases and disorders are more prevalent than ever before, not only affecting our physical well-being but our mental wellness. In the UK, there are now 15 million people living with at least one chronic disease, with an overwhelming 42% of these being co-morbid.

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Did you know that women are more likely to suffer with thyroid health issues than men? The National Statistics board report that at current, 2.4 million women are officially diagnosed with thyroid health issues, which can affect your sexual health, energy levels, mood, and fertility. Female reproductive issues and infertility are also on the increase, with 56% of women seeking help to conceive. As clinicians, we know that health issues can be prevented and slowed with the right treatment. 

Our specially devised female health panels are the ultimate tool for the modern healthcare practitioner looking for a comprehensive review of a female client’s vitality and health. Helping you to identify any current underlying issues as well as prevention of health deterioration. 

To create these panels, we have used principal biomarkers from our best-selling Signature Inspect and Ultra tests. We’ve also included key biomarkers for those looking to examine additional endocrine, sex hormone, and cardiovascular profiles to their client investigations.

Our FDX panels have been created to look further than the norm, to reveal more about your client’s health picture and to identify areas to focus on an effective treatment plan. FunctionalDX uses the world’s most advanced blood interpretation technology considers 13 body systems, 7 accessory systems, 7 macronutrient systems, 14 micronutrient deficiencies, and over 40  possible clinical dysfunctions.

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