FunctionalDX are pleased to be offering a selection of Food Sensitivity Testing from KBMO.

Why Practitioners Use the FIT Test

The Immune Complex Issues and Inflammation that can be associated with foods are an underlying problem for all of the conditions seen on a daily basis.

If you think inflammation may be playing a part in your patient’s condition, the FIT test by KBMO is a great place to start.

When do Provider’s use the FIT Test?

• If my patient is struggling to lose weight
• Autoimmune disease
• Migraines
• If my patient has Thyroid Problems
• If my patient has arthritis
• If my patient has brain fog
• If my patient has fatigue
• If my patient as digestive/gut issues/skin problems
• If my patient has fibroids, endometriosis or breast cancer

The FIT Test: A Dual Pathway Measurement

Acquired Immunity: Measures Antibody IgG 1-4: Immune Complexes
Innate Immunity: Measures Complement C3d: Inflammation
Measuring up to 176 foods PLUS Gut Barrier Panel


• Patented Multi pathway detection technology broadly adapted: IgG and Complement (Complement generates inflammation)
• Best in Class patient compliance tools
• Excellent clinical outcomes backed by IRB Approved clinical study
• New Products Developed by World Class Scientists and Physicians

Available Tests