FDX 29 Weight Aware

Total Biomarkers: 104
Being in good health is not just a measure of weight, BMI and obesity risk. Though weight or body mass may be a contributing factor, indicating multiple system dysfunctions and future health risks. Studies show that 29% of UK adults classed as obese. Excessive body mass is indicative of excessive stress affecting every cell and organ of the body. Chronic stress is a driver for inflammation and additional risks to the body’s mechanics and systems function. Which can lead to a series of negative metabolic cycles affecting optimum regulation of vital body functions.

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Being overweight or obese also increases the risk of disease and dysfunction at an alarming rate. Studies show these to be a contributory risk factor for Type 2 diabetes, Cardiovascular disease including risks of heart attacks and stroke, Asthma, Cancer, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), Gallbladder disease, Osteoarthritis and chronic back pain.

For those endeavouring to lose weight or those who have tried to without success, it can be distressing when weight goals are not achieved, and chronic conditions persist.  The key to successful weight management is not just a case of calories in and calories spent. There are a number of conditions that contribute to keeping weight on such as thyroid problems, stress, type 2 Diabetes, and a variety of metabolic disorders.

For those struggling to gain weight without success, can also cause distress but could be at risk of malnutrition, Osteoporosis, Anaemia, fatigue, hormone disruptions, and nutrient deficiencies. A detailed health investigation can provide an insight into dysfunctions that could be contributing factors.

We created FDX Weight Aware for those who require a comprehensive review of their health to unlock hidden dysfunction and deficiencies which are hindering them from achieving their health goals. It also provides an insight on risk of future health condition progression.

FDX Weight Aware analyses over 100 biomarkers and functions in the body that contribute to the body retaining excess weight including thyroid and hormone balance, sugar and lipid management and storage, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, oxidative stress, and immune function.

Suitable For

  • Those with weight concerns looking for a comprehensive review of their health status
  • Those who are struggling to lose or gain weight, looking to identify areas of dysfunction contributing to their plateau
  • Those with weight concerns or complications and conditions or symptoms that require a comprehensive investigation
  • Those with weight concerns or complications looking to identify current and future health risks

Full Biomarkers

Blood Chemistry

Bone Health







Kidney Function


Liver & Gallbladder


Minerals & Metals







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Test Instructions

Reveal more about your client’s health picture. FDX WeightAware considers 13 body systems, 7 accessory systems, 7 macro systems, 14+ nutrient assessments and over 40+ clinical dysfunction trends crucial to identify ageing and degeneration concerns.

Fasting blood draw required in the morning.


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