We sat down with FunctionalDX Practitioner Dr Jess Armine to find out why he chooses FDX and why he recommends it to other practitioners. You can watch the video of our discussion below or keep scrolling to read the blog version.

Dr Jess Armine’s Practitioner Experience

Dr Jess Armine has been a healthcare provider for roughly 43 years and has a wealth of wide-ranging experience in the field. In 1986 he graduated from chiropractic school and has been practicing chiropractic since then. His practice consists of diagnosing and treating complex multifactorial illnesses. His specialty is in neuro-psychiatric illnesses, especially autism, schizophrenia, ADD and self-worth. But his clients come to him with a variety of chronic illnesses, especially autoimmune diseases.

His experience also includes being an ENT paramedic in New York City, working as a registered nurse and working in critical care units (he was head nurse at a Coronary Intensive Care Unit).

Because he has a son with a serious mental illness and traditional medicine was making him a non-entity, Dr Armine became interested in Functional Medicine, specifically neurotransmitter balancing; in a bid to learn how to help him. In the process, he developed a new approach of ‘bio individualised’ medicine; an expertise in Epigenetics. So, when people talk about MTHFR and other biochemical pathways, Dr Jess Armine is an expert in that.

Crucially, Dr Armine is certified in neuro-endo-immunology; the study of the neurological, endocrinological, and immune system and their interactions, plus expertise in mitochondrial repair. He describes cell membrane integrity as key to healing anyone in those areas.

How Dr Jess Armine became a FunctionalDX Practitioner

As a colleague of FunctionalDX Clinical Director, Jonathan Cohen, and adept at reading lab reports, Dr Armine became an FDX practitioner when he discovered how FDX Reporting takes an extensive amount of lab work, correlates it, and provides practitioners with an insight into what’s wrong with their patient.

Dr Armine shares how FunctionalDX Reporting is beneficial, not only if you’re not an expert in reading lab tests, but also for practitioners like him who are experts as it makes decision making so much easier. Most practitioners might read lab tests, look at the reference range and say ‘oh that’s normal’ [within normal range] but would not necessarily realise if it’s at the bottom of the reference range or at the very bottom, it could be sub-optimal [which is not noted on reference range].

“FunctionalDX puts it into perspective, makes it easy for you to make clinical decisions, gives you insights… And it not only just tells you it, but shows you it, and it’s very interactive. It gives you knowledge and power in treating your patients because, us/we as healthcare providers need to have these tools in order to make the proper clinical decisions for our patients.”
FDX Practitioner Dr Jess Armine
Dr Jess Armine
FDX Practitioner

The biggest concern, for most clinicians, both medical and alternative care practitioners is lab work. FDX is the most comprehensive reporting and has a broad spectrum of biomarkers.

What FunctionalDX blood panels does Dr Jess Armine use?

Whilst he uses several different panels, the FDX Ultra is Dr Jess Armine’s go-to panel. This is because he says it gives him the widest range of information and correlates that information in the best way for him. To get a differential diagnosis or history for a clinical diagnosis; use FDX Ultra to get a wide range of biomarkers, so as a practitioner, you can view various areas in the body and use that information to make good clinical decisions for patients.

A case study from Dr Jess Armine where hidden dysfunctions were identified

In the complex case of a 26 year old woman who was experiencing several seizures per day, Dr Armine used the FunctionalDX panel in consultation with other practitioners, and discovered pathologies that enabled the team to zone in on specific areas. Armed with insights from the FunctionalDX report and supported by clinical input, this client has now gone two weeks without any seizures.

In other cases, FDX blood and health reporting has supported Dr Armine in ruling out certain pathologies; for example, eliminating diabetic ketoacidosis (potentially life threatening) from the list of potential diagnoses when metabolic acidosis was identified and enabling a more focused approach whilst reassuring the client.

FunctionalDX has assisted me in many cases, to identify pathologies and to open my thinking into areas that I may have not considered.
FDX Practitioner Dr Jess Armine
Dr Jess Armine
FDX Practitioner

Why does Dr Jess Armine choose FunctionalDX?

If you had to pick one panel that would give you the most information to help your clinical decision making and give you a report that you could give to your patient (and they’ll understand it) so they are more likely to comply with your treatment because they can see it too…I say this from my heart to yours, FunctionalDX is what you need.
FDX Practitioner Dr Jess Armine
Dr Jess Armine
FDX Practitioner

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