When a client who was experiencing long term, sub-par health but showing ‘normal’ GP tests, was referred to Paul Burgess, Paul immediately turned to tried-and-trusted FunctionalDX health reporting to help him uncover further details of his clients’ health.

On receiving the FunctionalDX results and comprehensive report, Paul suspected something more serious. FunctionalDX blood science had indicated a potential prostate issue. A number of markers that were flagged as normal on the GP report, were actually outside of optimal ranges. The algorithms suggested an 83% risk of prostate dysfunction along with other system imbalances.

Paul immediately suggested that his client return to the GP for further investigations. Upon digital examination his client was found to have two rectal tumours. Further investigations concluded the client had one benign tumour and one Stage 2 cancerous tumour.

Thanks to a vigilant therapist and insightful results using FDX advanced health reporting, Paul’s client was able to start a programme of treatment for cancer at a relatively early stage. FDX reporting has been intrinsic in changing what could have been potentially fatal situation by catching it early.

“I will not work with anyone without using an FDX blood report first. I cannot see how any practitioner can give the very best advice and care for a patient without the comprehensive information these reports give us” Paul Burgess

FDX reporting is an A.I based technology, preventative by nature and predictive in the hands of the trained professional. FDX identifies the trends away from an optimal health status by identifying the effects on the main body systems, accessory systems, nutrient needs and identifying potential common clinical issues. Enabling professionals to make valuable judgement calls that assist in leading their clients back to a restorative and normal healthy function.

This is a striking example of how using FDX testing can lead to life changing health outcomes. Many of our practitioners have impressive stories of how FDX blood chemistry analysis has helped them uncover hidden health issues for clients and facilitate total wellbeing transformations. If you have a clinical success story to share we would love to hear from you.